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The Healers Who Prosper Group Program

~A 6 month step by step break-through journey for holistic solopreneurs & coaches ~

12 Steps To Holistic Business Bliss

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Learn to attract all the clients you want, with half the stress, in half the time, with a group who is as inspired as you are…

Have you finally decided to pursue your holistic or coaching passion?
Are you deeply inspired to get out there – in a bigger way?
Have you been feeling a little lonely, maybe overwhelmed or paralyzed with where to start?

It’s kinda tricky dealing with the deep yearning to be doing something you love and to feel so held back at the same time. Actually it really stinks. This whole movement of “follow your passion” has come but no one really taught you the part about doing what you love and making enough money so that you can pay your bills. Woops!

Enter heart beating overwhelm.

Perhaps you’ve been poking around looking for the best ways to grow your practice – there’s facebook, twitter, newsletters, doing workshops, SEO stuff, website stuff etc,…and on top of that I’m gonna guess you may be experiencing a teeny tiny bit of self-doubt, fear and a lack of confidence…(or maybe a lot). It can all feel like a really big elephant to have to eat at the end of the day.

Guess what … You’re totally normal. And I’m so happy you’re here.

Let’s just be real. Starting a business is terrifying! That’s because there is a TON of business start-up information out there and the internet is drowning in resources and advice. Some is really hype-eee and some doesn’t really tell you what you’re going to get at the end of the day. Other stuff is good but it’s hard to implement it all by yourself. And, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all and not know exactly what you ought to be signing up for, what you ought to really be doing and in what order. Where does one start? How do you do it all and not lose your mind at the same time?

So here’s the deal . . . if you’re a . . .

life-coach, massage therapist or body-worker, reiki/energy healer, meditation teacher, chiropractor, breath worker, natural childbirth support, hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, wellness coach, fitness instructor or coach, pilates instructor, EFT practitioner, shamanic practitioner, naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, acupuncturist, TCM Practitioner . . .

Who Is …

Frustrated cause you had no idea that attracting clients and running a business would require so many decisions and actions
Confused about being in business since it’s been a year or two and it’s clear you’re missing something cause you’re just not quite at the place you thought you’d be
Doing a bunch of mish mash marketing but clients just aren’t signing up
Tied in knots cause you just hate getting out there and having to “promote” yourself
Considering throwing in the towel cause it all feels to much


Then you’re in the right place. I consider you one of my “peeps” – aka – my ideal client.

And I’d like to take a moment of your time to share with you a few things that might be missing for you and details about what you may just love and get from a group program like this.

…no hyped up content…promise.

Taking a risk to start your own business is a big, big deal. My guess is that you went to school and learned your modality only to find you weren’t given the business to-do’s as well. And, this isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us heart-centered practitioners. Business stuff is it’s own ball of wax. So, ultimately there are probably a few things missing for you if you’re finding yourself feeling some uncertainty about leaving that full time job for good. Here are a few things that you just might relate with…

1. A full tank of trust in your own self (to get over those hurdles!)

Starting a business is like giving birth to twins. On the one hand you’re birthing a new business and on the other you’re laboring a new sense of self. As a result, this entire process can be vulnerable and it’s really easy to go into fear, overwhelm, self-doubt and confusion. Plus, it’s plain old hard to not compare ourselves, completely trust that the universe will take care of us, and stay focused and calm. Therefore it’s key to connect to your inner foundation of self confidence, clarity and conviction. In this group program you will find that core connected place to return to within yourself – and you will define the difference you’re making with your business which will guide your goals so that your business feels rooted and so that you always have a strong inner foundation to return to – no matter what stumbling block or icky kind of uncertainty and stress.

2. Holistic Business 101 Essentials

We are so fortunate to have vast amounts of information available to us in one place – but that can certainly make the process much more confusing at the same time. What you really need is some step by step hand holding and mentoring on what exactly you need to be doing to attract client’s, in a step by step structure that doesn’t feel overly technical and that feels in alignment with who you are. Imagine the relief to know that you don’t have to recreate the wheel by yourself. This program is tailor made to steer you toward what’s really needed, what’s effective and what’s unproductive and draining for a holistic business. Your panic will fade away. You will take one step at a time. You will take smart action steps and start creating results you can be proud of – all while starting to generate more clients and more income – while doing the work you love. *sigh*

3. Accountability & Support

The solopreneur path can be a lonesome journey. It’s horrible to feel like you’re on your own island – especially when you’re birthing twins! Instead, grow your business in a way which has you feel understood by people who “get” you, who will be there with you and who will encourage you every step along the way – for those times when you just want to run and get a job at Starbucks and those times when stuff just starts happening out of the blue and you just wanna yell off the rooftop. For those times you find yourself resisting the process and those times when you need an extra helping hand or a new way of looking at your stuff. Having others who are committed to seeing you succeed is like nothing else I know.

“Since commencing my work with Jackie, I have enjoyed her guidance and insight regarding the healing profession. Through her insight I now realize the deep value that I provide my clients with.

Before working with Jackie, I felt like I was just another therapist in Alberta competing with the all other therapists. I was treating every population and anyone who would come through my doors. I was only treating 2-3 hours a day and having to supplement my income doing mobile massage for the general public. I was struggling to pay my bills and was very unhappy even going to work.

In only a few short weeks, my practice has been growing rapidly. I am almost at my maximum booking of 25 hours a week and I am now working towards building my mobile practice to enhance my income. She has given me direction and I now know why I wasn’t successful in the past. She has also been helping me overcome my personal internal obstacles to becoming a highly successful massage therapist.


Amanda Macintyre, RMT
Calgary, AB


Just A Quick Tid Bit About Me . . .

I’m Jackie and I’m over the moon passionate about helping women who would love to be doing work full time as a holistic practitioner or coach but who are struggling to attract enough clients. And I also help semi-successful holistic practitioners to generate a wholesome wage instead of just paying the bills. I’ve worked with over 100 coaching clients and dozens more workshop and program participants. I’ve witnessed clients in the very early beginning stages of growth, to mature biz owners who want more of a consistent practice to the really scared, new entrepreneurs who are so eager to just get out there. And at the end of the day, nothing makes me happier than seeing my client’s help more people and make way more money doing work that they love to do.

Ten years ago I left my hotel marketing manager position in Whistler, BC to study massage therapy and bowen therapy. I then went on to become a faculty member at the Foothills College of Massage Therapy. After a few more years I stumbled into coaching and got my credentials as a Certified Professional Coach. So, I’ve been a holistic entrepreneur for ten years. Because of my back ground, I deeply understand the business questions and concerns faced by new and old practitioners in the alternative health industry.

I also study and implement my own learning’s from A Course In Miracles, which is a deep, heart-centred approach to life. I have my own daily spiritual practice which enables me to connect to my own sense of inner wisdom and peace and as a result my business is created from there.

So, that’s a bit about me.

“Before working with Jackie, I had been working as a massage therapist for 3 years. I had various jobs but was working at a spa on an on-call basis at that time. I wanted to have my own massage business but was finding it difficult to know how to begin. I had a few clients but no new prospects. I just didn’t know how to “sell myself”.

We have worked together since May and I have seen my vision for my practice bloom and grow adding 14 new clients in just 12 weeks! I work 4 days a week, doing 3 to 4 massages a day. More importantly I am blessed to work with wonderful clients and enjoy the income that I only saw as a distant goal 4 months ago.

Rhonda Neilson

Rhonda Neilson
Peaceful Pathways Massage


Now, I’m gonna go into a bunch more detail about this program – but if you know you’ve been waiting or looking for a supportive program to help you attract more clients quickly with the company of like minded others and you just wanna go ahead and sign up and skip the rest of the jargon then you can go straight to the end of this page and fill out the application form.

Otherwise, if you’re feeling a little unsure I’d like to invite you to read a bit more about the steps we’re going to take together and what I promise you’ll get out of our time together.

So Let’s Look At Some of the Destinations Along This 6 month Journey:

These are a few of the STEPS we’ll be uncovering. They include Heart-Centered how-to’s AND Practical “Down-to-Business” nuts and bolts. I don’t know of many other marketing programs that cover the inner spiritual stuff and the outer stuff. They both need to be there. These are all of the types of things you need to have clarity on when you get into this business building world that will have you attract lots of new, yummy clients and experience rapid financial growth doing what you love.

Prepare Yourself Internally To Be Emotionally Client Attractive

How Come You Ought To Do This . . .

Ever wonder if what you’re doing is to “woo-woo” or think that people won’t pay you a decent amount for your holistic services? Do you sometimes second guess your talents? You’re not alone. And this is why we all need a renewal routine that will center you in optimism, love, faith, non-competition and of being of deep service. This type of practice will have you tap into your own higher mindfulness and self confidence. Doing this daily is like signing up with an army of light and you will generate an essence of charisma and feel deeply peaceful throughout this journey. Your prospects will even sense this “thing” about you and it’s certain that by casting out fear, your charisma and conviction in and of itself will have you be a client attractive magnet and will have you living in a powerful place within yourself.

You won’t . . .
Feel like you need to take more courses, certifications or modalities to make you “good enough” again, unless you want to
Feel stressed or impatient about getting clients and building your business
Feel so blocked


You will . . .
Develop new attitudinal muscles and shift into higher energies of service
Cast out icky feelings of doubt, fear, stress, overwhelm, worrying, impatience
Tap into your own potential for greatness, become more courageous and align with a deep sense of confidence
Feel deeply inspired to get out there in a big way


“By working with Jackie and committing to the coaching process I have increased my monthly revenue by approximately $1500/month and I have no doubt that I will see much more growth over the upcoming months. What I valued the most though from Jackie’s coaching was the skills I learned. I am able to see and understand opportunities that I would have once let slip by, I am able to effectively market myself and my business, work efficiently and most of all I have come to a place where I no longer feel concerned or anxious about developing my business. My coaching process truly helped me evolve as a business owner and as a person.”

Joy Gloer

Joy Gloer of,
In Touch Wellness Services
Pain Relief and Stress Management Expert


Get Business Clarity and Focus

How Come You Ought To Do This . . .

Ever feel like you’re floundering or disorganized with a lack of time? Most of us went into business not knowing how to create structure and routine for our personal life, time spent on business-y stuff, marketing and client time. Together we’ll set your working hours and personal life hours and you’ll learn how to manage your time wisely so that you get all those important things you know you need to do done, while still enjoying your life. You’ll also learn really simple tips that the “pros” use so that you can get so much more completed in the exact same amount of time. Lot’s of a-ha’s in this module.

You won’t . . .
Feel so bottle-necked and overwhelmed with all of your tasks
Feel depressed at the end of the day for “not getting anything done”


You will . . .
Create business focus
Learn tips and tools on how to manage your time
Learn what you need to be delegating and getting off your plate now – and how
Set up “systems” – also known as checklists, structures and habits – so that you don’t have to work as hard


Before working with Jackie all I had to my name was a big dream and too many part time jobs which didn’t bring me happiness. But now that has all changed….. After working for only a short period of time with Jackie, I have accomplished things I had only dreamt about.

Jackie gave me the tools to be a successful business woman! I can now say that I have quit my random unfulfilling pat time jobs, am doing what I ‘LOVE’, I now have an abundance of time for my family and have now DOUBLED my monthly income. And may I remind you that this all happened within only a few months of working with Jackie.

If anyone questions the value behind working with Jackie McKay, please have them call me! Ill be happy to RAVE about the benefits that will follow from working with Jackie.

Much Love





Andrea Kotyk

Identify and Understand Your Community of Clients

How Come You Ought To Do This . . .

Clarifying this step makes it so much easier to sign up clients. I know people who are AMAZING at what they do, have huge email lists and who just can’t sign up client’s because their message is watery and they talk to everyone – and no one at the same time. On the other hand, I know others who have just started out and have small followings, and are signing up many clients because they have a focused message and are very specific. This isn’t about casting people away or making things too small, it’s about being specific with who you are talking to and getting clear on who you are meant to serve.

You won’t . . .
Waste any more time and money on bland, generic marketing copy that doesn’t work


You will . . .
Get a clear understanding of who you are meant to serve and what their major struggles are
Get clear about how what you have to offer will improve their lives
Learn how to reach your clients in large numbers
Know exactly what your clients will pay for and how to communicate in a compelling way
Have clients self-select to work with you and referrals sent from out of the blue
Communicate “what you do” with conviction and clarity


Create A Noticeable Practice & A Compelling Marketing Message

How Come You Ought To Do This . . .

There are a lot of different solutions to your client’s problems out there. In order for your prospects to find you, you have to create a truly noticeable practice. This way your prospects will be able to separate you apart from others who do similar things as you do and they’ll come to see you as their beacon of light to help them with their needs. And it helps to have a core marketing message that really speaks your client’s language and that will have them stop and want more information from you.

You won’t . . .
Feel like you’re just another ________…again
Feel worried about “competition” or be confused about what the heck gets a client to call ya anyway?


You will . . .
Create and memorize an “elevator speech” that gets people to say, “Wow, that’s exactly what I need. Can I have your card?”
Create a tagline that inspires people so that when they land on your website, hear you at a networking group or hear you speaking, they really get that you are exactly what they need and they’ll ask for your card or they’ll want to work with you.
Understand what type of content your clients read, remember and recommend to others.”
Understand that being authentic is not enough and learn what truly makes content compelling
Learn how to use your content in bite-sized client attractive chunks


Even the short time we’ve been working through this program, I have been attracting more clients, booking more lectures and am seeing how all of the pieces fit together. That has been the most important piece for me. Seeing that there are all these different elements of a business that must be addressed to make the whole undertaking successful. I am more empowered knowing that I can turn my business around if I want to – it is all up to me. I see that I have always kept my abundance away from myself; I’m starting to see that I can attract as much of that as I want to.

Thanks so much Jackie!

Dr. Robin Vinge

Dr. Robin Vinge, BSc, ND,
Calgary, AB

Access Your Clients – Going Public! (eeek)

How Come You Ought To Do This . . .

So by now you know who you serve, what to say when you’re asked “what do you do?” and you’ve determined how to reach your prospects in large numbers . . . but how do you actually get clients? It’s time to connect with your people – your ideal clients. If no one really knows you exist, they won’t get a chance to love you and get results from working with you. You can’t stay hiding out any longer.

You won’t . . .
Feel so darned confused about how to actually get clients
Waste any more precious time with mish mash marketing stuff that doesn’t work


You will . . .
Learn to use “exploratory” sessions and understand how important they are
Learn what is important about making first time connections with prospects
Learn how to sign up clients to work with you and have a follow up system for those who say they’re interested
Understand how to use social media like blogging, Twitter and Facebook, as well as face-to-face meetings like speaking engagements, strategic alliances, warm letters and referrals
Pick the 3 best and most cost-effective vehicles to reach your ideal clients and get out there fast


After my training in shamanism, I had no idea what direction I was going regarding business. Questions and doubts were going through my head: How was I going to make it as a shaman with no business training? And how was I going to put myself out there in a non “woo-woo” way where people were really going to take me seriously? Fortunately, I came across Jackie and the Healers Who Prosper Bootcamp.

What a transformation! At the half-way mark in the boot camp, I had honed my time management skills, had my market research complete and started getting more inquires from prospective clients. And, as time rolled on, I implemented a price structure that felt great, my web page was rolling along and I had all the support I needed when the going got tough. I was treating and tracking my business like a business – not just a hobby! I also had an invaluable resource: an accountability partner, who truly keeps me accountable – even now, after the bootcamp is complete.

This boot camp had me doing more soul searching than any retreat I’ve ever been on. I realized through Jackie’s program that in order for me to show up for all the people I wanted to help, I ultimately had to show up for myself. Did it push my limits and help me to grow? Absolutely and I wouldn’t change it for the world! This boot camp was a journey all the way around! Jackie is an amazing guide who has tools that truly work to see you through from the beginning to end.

I highly recommend this program to any holistic or alternative practitioner who yearns for the business skills to really succeed in your hearts calling.






Amy Priest, Transformative Healer
Colorado, USA


Heart Centered Sales Conversations

How Come You Ought To Do This . . .

You’ve realized your job is to help heal this planet and help people. You need your business to run. You need to earn a wholesome wage just like every other business owner. You are meant to earn a wholesome wage. Need we say more?

You won’t . . .
Feel sick or gross about setting a high price for your services
Fumble on your words when you ask for the sale


You will . . .
Have clients self-selecting themselves, meaning raising their hands and saying “I’m ready. Please take me on as a client.”
Set up a ‘closing the sale” structure and script (that is natural and loving – not gross) so by the time that you actually talk to a prospect it’s just a question of figuring out what time and when to start scheduling them
Radically shift your paradigm of selling and shift into your own center of power when it comes time to ask for the business
Learn how a sale is not a transaction, and what’s really going on when someone decides to hire you

Since taking your program I’ve received a ton of results! Firstly, I’ve received inspiration to create my own bootcamp along with 11 participants. I am excited and have people in line for my New Year body bliss bootcamp!!! I have also reached a new level of confidence because of the ‘homework’. Going through the sheets solidifies that I am doing the right thing as difficult as it may seem at times…

I’m also seeing people sharing my bootcamp newsletter and people are telling me it is exactly the type of thing they are looking for. I was so frightened to market to a niche as I was afraid of losing income that I could have gained outside of my ‘target’. I have ‘let go’ of that, surrendered to the idea and now have a great feeling about the future :)

Thanks so much!

Stevie O





Stevie O


Create Customers for Life

How Come You Ought To Do This . . .

Retaining clients is essential to the long term profitability of your practice. Yet some clients fail to complete their course of treatment or just drop off out of the blue. When that happens, the client suffers and you lose out on that relationship. By taking a few simple steps, you can address no-shows, cancellations and increase your retention rate. Together we will set up systems in your business to enhance both your client retention and your overall quality of care.

You won’t . . .
Lose clients (and wonder why) and leave money on the table


You will . . .
Create a “wow factor” by doing tiny but utterly important stuff
Address no-shows and cancellations – before they even happen
Uncover easy things to implement into your everyday business to keep clients for life
Educate your environment and personal advocates on how to send you referrals.

So, how does that sound to you? I’ll also be throwing in a ton of more stuff like packaging and pricing, build a website that works, what stuff you must be doing to manage it all and everything that you can think of to help you create your own prosperous practice.

A Golden Nugget “A-HA” You Must Know Above Everything …

…That is a lot of information to implement. I know. And what I see so often is passionate practitioners putting the cart before the horse and busting through the foundation pieces of their business because they’re so charged to get going.

It’s normal to want to do workshops, get a website up and hand out business cards to everyone so that you can get client’s in the door. Our passion makes us eager beavers. Sadly though this doesn’t really work, nor will it get you long lasting results.

In fact what ends up happening is that you miss putting all of the foundation pieces for your business into place. And, if there is a step missing your business will be built without deep roots. You may find yourself floundering around here and there but without any real consistency and in the long run these bursts of activity don’t always leave us empowered to grow on a much bigger scale and in real life terms this means that you may not be able to pay your bills or that your client’s will find someone else who can help them.

For more in depth information what foundation pieces must be in place, join us for the no-cost audio call 12 Steps to Holistic Business Bliss


So How Does The Program Work?

There are 12 classes over six months. Each of the 12 classes includes two components…

1. The Live Class. Each class is a ninety-minute tele call where I will teach the key points. There will be 2 classes per month on the 1st week and the 3rd week of the month. It won’t be me blah, blahing the whole time though. IF you have a question, there will likely be another person with that same question. Because of that, Q&A time will be opened up at the end and space will be open to deepen any learning’s and exchange thoughts and ideas.

Tuesday’s, 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Mountain Time
Dates: July 3 & 17, Aug. 7 & 21, Sept. 4 & 18, Oct. 2 & 16, Nov 6 & 20 & Dec 4 & 18

Click for your time zone

2. The Q&A: Questions don’t always occur immediately; often they take time to simmer to the surface. You’ll be asked to turn in a check-in worksheet prior to each class, which includes questions that arose for you from the previous week’s class. I’ll answer all questions in the following call week-by-week as we go along. I may just put these into a pdf so that you have them as a resource as well.


What Else Will Leave A Lasting Impression?

Bonus: Open coaching day for you to receive 10 minutes of laser coaching on your most niggly burning questions or biggest obstacle.

The Recordings of the Live Class: Each class will be recorded, leaving you with high quality audio to come back to over and over again.

Structured Materials: Each class has the teachings in a pdf, so that you can refer to them. In addition, there will be the exercises, worksheets, and everything clearly explained. You will have lots of resources to help you work through the exercises in between calls.

An Accountability Partnership & Voluntary Buddy System: I am a huge fan of accountability and support. Pairing off will make this journey more cozy, intimate, clearer, will help to keep you on track with deadlines and will take you to more insightful depths. In my own experience, breakthroughs and insights I experienced would never have happened if I had done the work on my own.

This part is completely optional but highly recommended. If you opt-in to partnering, you will set up 5 minute accountability calls daily and you’ll have other calls whenever you need them for help so that you don’t have do the exercises all alone.

A Private Online Community: to keep the energy going between one another in between the calls


You probably have questions…

“Hmm, kinda seems like a big commitment. Will I get behind?”

Yeah, you’re getting a lot of stuff. This course is designed to not be overwhelming and it is in a step by step format for that very reason, Remember that each course segment has a one key idea, and only a small handful of things to implement. Plus you get the week in between for extra time to work on your stuff.

“I can’t make all those dates – does that mean I can’t join?”

If you can’t make any of the live teleclasses, it’s not a problem as all the classes are being recorded. You’ll receive these recordings straight to your inbox very shortly after the live class and even if you CAN make the classes, you’ll also have the recordings as reference.

“How much time will this take?”

“However many hours it takes you.” It may take one person 2 hours and another person may take 20 hours. It all depends on you.

If you want to have a budgeted amount of time for yourself; expect that you will have the 90-minute class itself. Plus you’ll have your own time to expand upon the material we covered in the call, 5 minute accountability calls and sometimes you’ll get additional, optional, audios. If you opt-in to the partnering you’ll meet with your partner for an hour or so during the week on top of the accountability calls. Finally, you’ll be implementing what you learn.

The minimum you’ll want, in addition to the 90-minute class, is about two to four hours each week, so you can meet with your partner, and so you can implement something.

The idea here is not to be perfect. It’s about doing it once, trying it out, tweaking it as you go and redefining it again later. The aim here is not that you complete it all but that you understand the concepts and know what you need to do, and that you complete parts of the exercises, so you have a groundwork for all the different areas you’ll continue to develop.

“I’ve not participated in a teleconference before – will I be confused?”

Nope. You will receive notification of what dial-in number to call at what time. As for the actual calls, I’ll explain any etiquette in advance and you’ll very quickly get the hang of it.

“It’s expensive! Can I get the same support in a cheaper form?”

One-to-one clients work with me for a minimum of six months which is priced at the minimum of $325 per calendar month. That’s a whopping total of $1950 for 6 months of 1:1 coaching with me. Thanks to its group format, this program is really affordable PLUS you get the bonus feature of a group of like-minded allies to support and add creative ideas.

“How do I know it’s worth the investment?”

You just gotta go with your gut on this. I’m certain that you’ll take a ton of golden nuggets and be delighted with what you get from this program. However, you can’t know for sure until you’ve actually taken part so I want to make sure you have nothing to worry about – which is why I offer a Dare The Dark, No-Risk Guarantee. If you fully participate and you’re not completely satisfied, then you get your money back. There’s no opportunity for you to waste your money here and we’ll still be friends.

I know that what you are going to learn and implement with this program is going to increase the number of clients that are going to say YES to working with you – consistently. The best part is this . . . deep inside you will feel a powerful shift when it comes to attracting new clients, your heart is going to sing and you’re going to feel a deep sense of peace along the way – while you make a big difference in this world.

Can you imagine what it would be like if you really understood how to attract clients with no more ick factor or feeling confused, hopeless or overwhelmed?

What’s Included – One last time. . .

12 * 90-minute classes

Tuesday’s, 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Mountain Time
Dates: July 3 & 17, Aug. 7 & 21, Sept. 4 & 18, Oct. 2 & 16, Nov 6 & 20 & Dec 4 & 18

Click for your time zone

Bonus:  Laser coaching once a month for those burning, niggly obstacles
High-quality mp3 recordings of each class. You can listen over and over again!
Additional material every class–worksheets, articles, scripts
Check-ins before every class, that gives you the support to reflect on and integrate what you’ve learned.
An online group forum to share and mastermind ideas in between the calls
Be part of a community of passionate holistic professionals, sharing resources and ideas


What’s The Investment?

6 Installments of CAN $147.00/month


One Installment of CAN $882.00

That’s less than $1000!!!

Are you ready to spend a few hours to permanently have all the tools you need to attract clients anytime and consistently? If so, the first step is to contact Jackie and I’ll get in touch so that we can figure out a mutual time to speak. At that point we’ll determine if this type of thing would work well with where you’re at with attracting clients and building your business. I look forward to hearing from you!


Jackie Mckay

If you know of anyone else who could benefit this program would you mind taking a minute to share the details? You can also spread the word below. Thanks for your help!


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