5 Tips to Stay Motivated with Your Marketing

5 Tips to Stay Motivated with Your MarketingOne of the biggest struggles I hear from many emerging holistic practitioners and coaches is that they feel elated about the idea of opening their practice and after some time spent venturing down the business rabbit hole, their motivation starts to dwindle. 

I recently had a group participant ask me what she could do about her lack of motivation to grow her practice.

When I asked her what was making her feel unmotivated she said it was the lack of clients vs. how hard she is working on doing things to attract clients. She felt deflated. Bummed out. 

How about you? Have you ever felt as though your marketing efforts were going un-noticed and getting you zippo clients?

Well you’re not the only one – especially if you’re an emerging heart-centered business owner. It takes a lot of consistent, full focused work to attract clients (on the inside and outside). It doesn’t usually happen overnight either – I don’t care what some slick guru marketing coaches may tell you. There is no magic pill.

This is the deal … there are certain things you must be doing properly so that you stay on track, which will help you to stay motivated.  I guarantee you if you do these things you will start to attract clients quickly and your motivation will be unstoppable!

Here is what I’ve learned if you’re not attracting enough clients right away and you’re feeling less than motivated by your results:

1) If you aren’t getting many clients right off the bat it may be that your prospects are confused about what you offer and what results they’ll get from working with you. Make sure you have a clear marketing message that speaks to your client’s pain points and make sure your message is clear about “what’s in it for them” when they decide to work with you.  For example, if you are a weight loss nutritionist your clients probably won’t care that their hydration levels will be increased.  What they will want to know is how great they are going to look in their new wardrobe.  They will want to know that they will feel more confident which could lead to a new job promotion or a new relationship or they will be able to fit into those designer skinny jeans they’ve been dreaming of.  Doesn’t that sound good!

2) If you haven’t “niched” yourself yet I suggest you do so. Niching yourself will make it so much easier to create a strong and clear marketing message, which will help clients self-select to work with you (that’s a writer downer!!).  A niche helps to separate you out from the pack and it sets you up as an expert in your field; these are just two of the many amazing benefits of having a niche.

3) If you have a niche, you have a clear message and you still don’t have enough clients I’m going to assume you’re keeping yourself a secret. Stop that!  Find a way to get in front of your prospects. Pull up your big girl panties and do some market research. Find out where your clients can be found in large groups. Offer free talks, free teleseminars, and network where your client’s hang out. 

4) Create a kick butt free offer on your website that helps you to collect your prospect’s email address. DO NOT let your “cold” prospects get away!  It’s important to collect names of interested folks because the timing may not be right to work with you just now. If you stay in touch through writing educational, high content ezines you will be nicely surprised when new clients reach out for your help – “out of the blue” – and right after one of your newsletters goes out.  By staying in touch and on the top of mind of your interested peeps, they at some point will most likely hire you.

5) Create systems in your business and set your marketing activities up like clockwork. Don’t stop marketing yourself. Never. Ever. Keep to a schedule of regular marketing activities. Regardless of how many clients you get at the beginning just keep attending to your writing, speaking, networking, etc. Eventually all of your hard work will pay off when you have your marketing mix in place.

Whatever you do, don’t give up!  If something feels “off” or if you’re unsure get help from someone who can mentor you (hint, hint). If you aren’t getting enough clients it’s either because of something in your personality (please don’t take offence!), you have a confusing message about what you do and who you help or you just haven’t consistently been putting on your big girl (or boy) panties and getting out there in a big way.

Please, don’t hang up your towel right away. People need your work. It takes time to understand marketing fundamentals.  And if you ever need help just give me a shout. I promise I’m not scary and I would love to help you get clients faster and easier than you may be on your own.

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