Does Your Client Attraction Process Feel Gooey And Messy?

Does Your Client Attraction Process Feel Gooey And Messy?If you’re an passion-based entrepreneur you have more than likely come to this place because you know there is just so much more for you and your life.

The entrepreneurial path with all of its peaks, valleys, hills, weather storms and rays of sunshine is not for the faint of heart.

It takes a particular set of “kahunas” shall we say to risk the creature comforts of a regular pay check and a cozy cubicle.

And here’s the thing. I don’t believe you are on this path to just get clients and make gobs of money. Those are simply pay-offs. My guess is that you’re interested being someone “more” and you care about making a difference. Dare I say you care about leaving a legacy on some level?

But what I’ve been noticing lately with a lot of my passionate clients is that they’ve been questioning their path.  They’ve been really struggling inside of themselves. Shit has hit the fan so to speak (yes I did swear!) and it’s got them feeling a little crazy. Even to the point of wanting to give up on their dream and commit themselves to an asylum.

Have you ever felt this way? Perhaps you’re working hard and people aren’t answering your calls or people are cancelling last minute. Or maybe you’re not feeling focused or as eager to get out there. Have you been getting anxiety attacks and started to think about the possible negative “what if’s”…. maybe you’ve been partaking in some self-sabotage or procrastination?

Over the course of the last week, I’ve been intrigued by the frequency with which clients have been feeling this way and I seem to keep encountering information about “Imaginal cells”. Upon doing more research I found something called the “Caterpillar Effect”. In shameful simplicity, this metaphor of the potential for humanity goes something like this…

The caterpillar eats ravenously and it starts to ‘die’… then some cells – creative “imaginal cells” – imagine a new future … they do some serious struggling, pull out Darth Vader moves and attack the immune cells in a primordial goo inside the carcass of the caterpillar … and then these “imaginal cells” tag team into making a beautiful butterfly and, viola, the butterfly breaks out!

You can hear the extended, more eloquent details here.

Now here is what I’m getting at if you’ve been feeling gooey, messy and as though you’ve been in an internal struggle. What you’re probably experiencing is your own karate chop moves inside of yourself and a process of transformation of gooiness. And as the term gooey goes – let’s just say it can be messy and less than graceful. I would think that it’s not something you care to tweet about or share on Facebook.

Now as much as I would love to help you with your Darth Vader moves, I have my own to deal with on a regular basis (just keep’n it real here). So, in the process I’d like to leave you with a few things to remember while you’re in gooey combat.

  • Get support from people who see you as the butterfly that you truly are
  • Practice extreme self-care and make room for the goo
  • Do just enough
  • Just because you’re feeling gooey, it’s okay to keep expressing your thrill and joy in becoming the person who you want to be
  • Remind yourself that through this process the new potential of who you are becoming is guaranteed to emerge
  • Remind yourself to stop taking yourself so seriously
  • Remind yourself that life and business doesn’t always work out the way you want it to but that most extraordinary things happen in ways you never imagined
  • Maintain your creative commitment to your “soul’s” path – even if it’s on a part-time basis
  • Practice meditation; here’s a free meditation audio. >> because you’ve never heard anything like this before.
  • Don’t let the goo stop you

If you’re like most entrepreneurs and you feel a little off with your client attraction process, keep reminding yourself that this business journey can sometimes be tough. Most people wouldn’t even dare to think about doing the solo thing.  Part of the client attraction process includes stepping through your internal struggles so that you can live your purpose with passion and to serve others. When you do this, not only do you create a life that you love but you will also begin to attract clients and abundance with ease. Let’s hear from you. 

Ready to karate chop through the goo and attract a steady stream of clients too?

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