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Thank you for checking out my media page. If you’re a media outlet, blogger, member of the media or possible joint venture partner and need a guest expert to interview for your telesummit, radio show, article or blog, or if you’re in search of a speaker for your event, please connect with me and my team at or call us 1-888-617-1609.

I also allow some of my articles to be reprinted. If you see an article of mine you’d like to reprint please let me know and I’ll get you everything you need to do so!

Jackie’s short bio

Jackie McKayFeel free to use the following biography if you need a couple of paragraphs to promote me to your group:

Jackie McKay, Prosperous Practice Mentor, teaches soul-inspired natural health practitioners the heart-centered HOW TO of attracting ideal clients, making more money, and making a name for themselves in their purpose-centered healing business.

Jackie is the creator of The Prosperous Practice Roadmap & Home Study System™, a conscious business building guide blending universal and spiritual principles with step by step savvy marketing tips that teaches service professionals how to attract new clients and make more money by showing them the how to of building their healing business. Her business strategy sessions are designed to help you attract clients quickly and take you and your business to a higher level of consciousness and cash flow.

A former hotel marketing manager, faculty member of the Foothills College of Massage Therapy and holistic entrepreneur for 9 years, she deeply understands the questions and concerns faced by new and old practitioners in the alternative health industry. Her expertise in heart-centered business and spiritual development was developed through many years of studying A Course In Miracles and running a full time practice that was constantly bursting at the seams.

“Entrepreneurship is the deepest and fastest path to spiritual growth. It is aligning your purpose for being on earth with a business idea so deeply meaningful that you simply must do it, despite the fears and childhood wounds that arise” says Jackie

Jackie speaks to Natural Health Practitioners across the globe at live events, through teleseminars, and other virtual programs. She can be contacted through her website,

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