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I recently had a coaching call with a wonderful new client. At the very beginning of all of my calls I go through a detailed questionnaire about their goals for their practice. This process is so critical to success and yet very few people actually take the time to set clear, specific, achievable goals.

Claim Your Birth Right To Make More MoneyThe process of setting clear and achievable marketing goals with her was a breeze, but when we got to financial goals – how much she wanted to make in her holistic practice over the next year, she got blocked very quickly. In fact, she got a frog in her throat and her eyes started darting around. The problem was that she was embarrassed to acknowledge how much she wanted to make AND after more coaching we uncovered that she didn’t feel she deserved to make a lot of money or that she could do it.

She had what is commonly known as, a money consciousness problem. Another way to say it is, she had a “poverty mindset.” This “poverty mindset” problem is so common that most people are not aware of it. Scary part is that not many people question their unrecognized beliefs around money. Let me ask you, did you grow up hearing and believing some of these phrases: “we can’t afford it”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “rich people are greedy”, “money isn’t everything”, “there isn’t enough money to go around”?

How do you know if you have a “poverty mindset”? Quite simply, you have a “poverty mindset” if you have a lack of money. Yes, it’s that simple and may sound like an outrageous accusation….but it’s true. I will repeat it again: You have a “poverty mindset” if you have a lack of money. In the book The Secrets of The Millionaire Mind, the author calls this your money blueprint. You either have a blueprint of scarcity or abundance.

Here’s how it works. A large portion of our population (myself included) was programmed very early in life that being “wealthy” isn’t desirable. We grow up believing that money is dirty and people who are wealthy are snobby, greedy, insincere, immoral, and the list goes on. I am sure you could add something more to this. And because of this long list of undesirable attributes, we adopt the subconscious conclusion that it’s far better to NOT have money. Though I didn’t attend church, it is widely known that certain priests and nuns take the “vow of poverty” and they are deeply respected because of it. No criticism to them, just validating the point that as a result of our surroundings, we grow up believing certain things that just aren’t true and in this case, it’s that poverty is more holy.

Since our subconscious deems it holier and more acceptable to have NO money, we manifest a lack of money. It shows up through unnecessary debt, living at a level below our desires and not enjoying our greatest dreams.

I want you to embrace money and give yourself permission to claim your riches and desire for and AND ACCUMULATE more money. It is basic human nature to grow and evolve. Just like the flowers in your front yard, and all other living things surrounding us. You don’t curse or judge a flower when it blooms. Ten years from now, when the tree in your yard grows in size, you won’t look at it and say “look at that tree, who does he think he is to grow so big?” You may laugh, but it’s true. So here is my point – growing, evolving and expanding are part of the natural process of evolution.

Money is just energy. Making more money is an expression of growing and evolving. Abundance is a natural thing to seek. It’s Universal Law and what you are entitled to. So to stuff this desire down and try to convince yourself you don’t want more abundance is to go against universal instincts. Because it’s our nature to grow and evolve, you are always growing or shrinking. If you shrink too much for too long, you will die. So of course, we want more. Embrace it. Finally allow yourself to want more. Drink this concept into all of your cells. One of my favourite lines in A Course In Miracles is where it says “You do not ask for too much. You ask for to little.”

The key is to come from a heart centered place when it comes to wanting more money. Remember the humanitarian bottom line vs. egoic, scarity perspective. The more money you make, the more contribution you can offer the world. Money is good. You can use it to serve in a much bigger way. In fact, it’s very difficult to be of service to the world without access to money. People think Mother Theresa didn’t have a lot of money. This is not true. She had millions, and because of this, she was able to help billions.

So embrace the natural desire in your heart for more money and know its human nature to want more abundance. Let go of any underserving thoughts or unnecessary beliefs that hold you back and own more of a sense of “why not me!” Imagine what the world would look like if we all held this paradigm…pretty awesome.

Please drop me a comment with your own thoughts about money.  I’d love to hear what you heard when growing up.

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